St. Edward Athletics

Interscholastic activities are an important aspect of any high 3分11选5计划. Participation in high 3分11选5计划 athletics is an extension of what happens in the classroom. The opportunity to participate in a variety of sports is open to all St. Edward students. Athletics is a learning experience and all team members, regardless of ability, will be afforded the opportunity to develop intangibles. Pride, teamwork, self-discipline, self-sacrifice, work ethic, commitment, perseverance and sportsmanship are a few of the qualities besides winning that should come from high 3分11选5计划 athletics and will be essential throughout students’ lives.


Fall Sports Registration is now open on the 8to18 website.

  • Fall Sports Sign-up Meeting; August 11, 2019; 5:30pm
  • Winter Sports Sign-up Meeting; October 27, 2019; 5:30pm
  • Spring Sports Sign-up Meeting; February 23, 3分11选5计划; 5;30pm

Please attend the Sports Sign-up & Rules Meeting with your student athlete. The sports physical may be turned in at that time. The $225.00 sports fee should be paid online prior to the meeting at . Thank you and GO WAVE!